Gimlet Bar

Cupid's Folly Limited Edition Cordial

Edition of 200 bottles

During the summer of 2017 we pressed 15kg of Bergeron apricots and then blended this juice with lemon and fennel seeds. This cordial has a delicate honeyed aroma, balanced by the savoury hint of fennel. Each bottle is impressed by hand with our own lino-cut design; this time depicting Cupid, who after over-indulging himself (as usual), is put to desperate flight when pursued by a swarm of angry bees.

Cupid's Folly Cordial by Gimlet Bar

How to serve

1oz Cordial
3oz Sparkling water
Dash of fresh lemon juice
Stir well and add plenty of ice
Garnish with a 'frond' of fennel or lemon peel

Why not use this cordial to make yourself a delicious cocktail? This makes an excellent Kir Royale. Just use in the place of cassis!

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